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  • Alisa Cunningham

    Very Satisfied! Scripps Chiropractic has offered my family excellent service. They're very flexible with my schedule and they treat us like family. Every time we go there for adjustments and massage therapy, they have provided great results. We've tried many different places and Scripps has got to be the best one for chiropractic service!
  • Dennis Cancino

    Scripps Chiropractic always makes me feel looser after my long flights with work. Sitting on a plane for 17 hours to the East Pacific always leaves my back and shoulders tense and tight. I always look forward to my visits!
  • Daniel Carlson

    One of the reasons why I like Scripps Chiropractic is that I started going there specifically for a sports related chiropractic issue, and they were extremely knowledgeable about the different systems of the body. They explained not just chiropractic and skeletal things, but also about all the muscles and tendons, and they helped cover all of the athletic bases that I generally request.
  • Pam Letzkus

    Scripps Chiropractic is great. Dr. Tay is very caring, knowledgeable, and thorough. She talks me through everything and why she adjusts certain areas. She definitely helps my back pain and relieves some neck tightness. I always walk out of the office feeling so much better and I wouldn't recommend anyone else.
  • Jay Johnson

    Within my first 2 visits, I was already feeling a difference, not just in the soreness around the main issue, but just more energy throughout the day. . . The price was reasonable compared to what I heard people were paying at other places as well. I would recommend them to anybody that needs to go to a chiropractor. Everyone at the office has a smile on their face, and their customer service is outstanding.
  • Kristina Klishko

    I'd rate them 10, 100, 1,000 stars! Dr. Tay of Scripps Chiropractic is really friendly and amazing. I wish I could ship her out here to New York to be my chiropractor. When I'm back in the summer, I'll go visit as often as I can. She definitely knows what she's talking about. I have problems with my knees and she was able to figure out it was from a torn ACL. I'm not good with medical terms, but she is able to explain things to me in a way that I can understand.
  • Glen McIntyre

    I am always seen right away and I like that so many of their staff have been there for so long. Dr. Lawson has great hands and there are many weeks when I can't wait to get back to him to have my neck adjusted. All the patients I encounter at their facility seem really pleased and contented as they're being worked upon.
  • Julia Cornelissen

    Scripps Chiropractic has provided me with very good care throughout my visits. I used to not be able to play softball while my back was hurt, but with some adjustments, deep tissues massage, and great care, I am back to playing softball. I would recommend Scripps Chiropractic care to everyone because it is great!

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